Ethiopian Diplomacy in 2015: an appraisal

By Fitsum Girma January, 2016 Since 2002, Ethiopia has crafted a well-articulated and a far sighted Foreign Policy. The document is publicly available and it’s largely stood the test of time. Of course, no foreign policy, even clear and discerning, is any good unless it is backed by effective and competent implementation. Performance is as important as coherence in drafting a policy. Last week the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia published the major achievements of the country’s diplomacy in 2015. Since I came across that post, I began to wonder how exactly can one really … Continue reading Ethiopian Diplomacy in 2015: an appraisal

“እስኪ መንግስትን እንቃወም”

ተጻፈ በ Fere Zer  ዛሬ ደግሞ ከጓደኛዬ ከገዳሙ ጋር ስንጨዋወት “ፊደል የቆጠረና ከተማ-ቀመስ የሆነው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ሁለት ዋና ዋና “ሆቢ”ዎች እንዳሉት አረጋግጫለሁ፣ እነሱም እግር ኳስና መንግስትን መቃወም ናቸው።” አለኝ። እኔም ግራ ገባኝና “ስትል? ደርግን ማለትህ ነው?” ስል ጠየኩት። “ኖ ኖ! የትኛውንም ቤት ያፈራውን መንግስት ማለቴ ነው።” አለና ሊያብራራልኝ ገባ። “አየህ ጥንት የመንግስትን ስም በክፉ ማንሳት ፈጽሞ ነውር ነበር። በተለይ ከ1960ዎቹ የተማሪዎች ንቅናቄ ጀምሮ ደግሞ መንግስትን በመልካም ማንሳት ፈጽሞ ነውር የሆነ ይመስላል። ቀልደኛው መንግስትን ጎንተል ካላደረገ እንጀራው የተጋገረ አይመስለውም። ደራሲው እዚህ ግባ ማይባል ነገር ይጽፍና መጨረሻ ላይ ትንሽ ጠቅላይ ሚኒስትሩን ጎሸም የምታደርግ ነገር ሲጨምርባት ገበያ ደራ በለኝ። አንዳንዶቹ ጭራሹኑ መንግስትን መሳደብ … Continue reading “እስኪ መንግስትን እንቃወም”

Ethiopia’s Economic Development Is Neither “Cautious” Nor “Paranoid”

Last week, the Economist described Ethiopia’s economy as “Neither a sprint nor a marathon.” Exactly what the title was supposed to convey wasn’t clear but the sub-title “Africa’s most impressive economic managers suffer from excessive caution” made it clear this … Continue reading Ethiopia’s Economic Development Is Neither “Cautious” Nor “Paranoid”

“በድላችን ላይ አንተኛ”

ከአራት ሳምንታት በፊት ወደ ግብጽ ስላቀናው እና በአይነቱ የመጀመሪያው ስለሆነው የኢትዮጵያ የፐብሊክ ዲፕሎማሲ ቡድን ሁሉም በየፊናው የገባውን እና የተረዳውን ጀባ ብሎናል። አብዛኛው የልዑካን ቡድን አባላት በየስራ ዘርፉ ትዝብቱን ገልጿል። የቡድኑን አላማ እና ቆይታ እንዲሁም ጉብኝቱ የነበረውን ጠቅላላ ድባብ ለማወቅ የሪፖርተሩን … Continue reading “በድላችን ላይ አንተኛ”

The Gloomy Affairs of Ethiopian Migrants and the Social Media Pseudo Sympathizers

Scholars have said a lot about migration. Especially the now growing migration from developing to developed countries is always the source of heightened debate, some arguing for while others against. But today the point I would like to raise is not about the pros and cons of migration rather it is about the real suffering that Ethiopian migrants are facing in the Arab world and the reactions that followed. It’s not new and never the first for Ethiopian to suffer at the receiving country, but this month of November seems to be painted a bleak picture for Ethiopian migrants who … Continue reading The Gloomy Affairs of Ethiopian Migrants and the Social Media Pseudo Sympathizers


It is a public secret that Ethiopia, for the first time in its history is on the brink of qualifying to 2014 FIFA world cup to be hosted by Brasil. With 2 games to play Ethiopia is leading group 1 with 10 points followed by South Africa, which secured 8 points. The fifth round which is the most decisive match of this group will be held tomorrow(16/06/13) in Ethiopia between the top two leaders of the group. Here comes the irony; FIFA, assigned four Egyptian officials to refree sunday’s do or die match despite the tense political situation between Ethiopia … Continue reading PROFESSIONAL ETHICS OR DAM POLITICS?

“We reject attempts to take our Nile Water.”

ጉድ ሳይሰማ…. አለ ያገረ ሰው! I was surprised to hear that some Egyptians are claiming to be the source of Nile publicly. They don’t even understand that they are holding lies high-NILE IS OURS!?  here is the full report of their own media(Ahram Online , Friday 31 May 2013) Dozens of Egyptian protesters gathered outside the Ethiopian embassy in Cairo on Friday to protest Addis Ababa’s decision earlier this week to temporarily divert the course of the Blue Nile as part of a project to build a series of dams on the river. Protesters held banners aloft reading, “We reject … Continue reading “We reject attempts to take our Nile Water.”

The Visionary Who Left His Vision Alive

It is august 24, 2012 the fourth day after we start mourning. ‘We’ in this context may not represent everyone who is reading this article because advertently or inadvertently ‘cowards’ who doesn’t deserve to read this article may get the chance to. On the other hand those who are really pathetic may not get it. So when I say ‘we are mourning’ I don’t mean that you are mourning because I don’t know who you are!! But despite this fact I will keep on using this term for I feel and see that almost all Ethiopians are expressing their condolence in unusual way. Speaking ingenuously, from … Continue reading The Visionary Who Left His Vision Alive