It is a public secret that Ethiopia, for the first time in its history is on the brink of qualifying to 2014 FIFA world cup to be hosted by Brasil. With 2 games to play Ethiopia is leading group 1 with 10 points followed by South Africa, which secured 8 points. The fifth round which is the most decisive match of this group will be held tomorrow(16/06/13) in Ethiopia between the top two leaders of the group. Here comes the irony;

FIFA, assigned four Egyptian officials to refree sunday’s do or die match despite the tense political situation between Ethiopia and Egypt over THE GRAND RENNAISSENCE DAM. It is not surprising that Ethiopian fans who are crazy about their team complian over such decision for the behaviour of the match official has an impact, directly and indirectly on the conduct of everyone involved in the game- both on the pitch and the sidelines. But, there exist proffessional ethics on the other extreme which requires the refrees to be abide by it.Though there might be a possiblity that Egyptian refrees may think everything about the match is at their disposal we need to be wise and consider the other possiblities too- they might act proffesionaly and even if not we have to know that there is a mechanism to present our complain. Above all, what is expected from the Ethiopian side is to separate the two issues i.e., politics and football as FIFA’s code of conduct itself dictates but failure to do so will have a devastating consequence for all concerned. 


Name Mohamed Farouk Mahmoud

Nationality Egypt

Date of birth 6 August 1969

Age 43

Country of birth Egypt

he will be assisted by his country men named;  Degaish Ayman, Abo El Sadat Bedyer Tahssen and Bahou Mahmoud.

ድል ለ ዋሊያዎች!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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