The Visionary Who Left His Vision Alive

It is august 24, 2012 the fourth day after we start mourning. ‘We’ in this context may not represent everyone who is reading this article because advertently or inadvertently ‘cowards’ who doesn’t deserve to read this article may get the chance to. On the other hand those who are really pathetic may not get it. So when I say ‘we are mourning’ I don’t mean that you are mourning because I don’t know who you are!! But despite this fact I will keep on using this term for I feel and see that almost all Ethiopians are expressing their condolence in unusual way.

Speaking ingenuously, from the very first day that we have heard the death of our prime minister honorable Meles Zenawi are showing the world that he and his deeds are deeply saved in our hearts. But is this enough??  If truth be told NO! Of course, we know who Meles is/was, what he did for us and fortunately we have showed both the cowards and the world this fact via our commiseration. But don’t you think that we have to tell our Childs about such hero? As for me we do have! And I d0nt think this is going to happen through story telling but, we need to develop such a tiny articles just to live something permanent and our real feeling of the time. Besides, don’t you think that recalling him will add the level of our determination to accomplish what he leaves for us? On behalf of me I do and that’s why I am writing this article.

You guys, hope you have heard lots of stories or read lots of articles about Meles Zenawi before so I don’t think that I have to write in depth about him. But for the sake of highlighting his history you should better proceed reading what you are just reading.

“Meles Zenawi was born in the northern part of Ethiopia at the town called Adwa. He had attended his primary education there in his home town and selected by the then government as an outstanding student of the country. In reward he received the chance of learning in the capital city of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa along with other students selected from all over the country. Again completing his high school successfully he joined Addis Ababa university and started studying medicine. Just after he attended his class for two years he decided to shun his academic life. This was not because of discontent with the course he was taking neither it was due to his own personal problem. However it was the misery, the pain and the harsh treatment of our fathers and mothers……….

I am deadly sure that most of you are well aware of the evil doings of that time whether through witnessing it yourself or by using secondary sources like me. But I still feel that it is important to remind you some of the evil doings that forced our hero to leave his luxuries life of campus and to start rather a deteriorated life of the jungle.

Derg used to massacre the innocent youngsters, derg took of our father’s right of exercising their religion freely, derg used to take away the property of our fathers and moreover, derg in its effort to implement Marxist theory have done untold evils to our parents. It was this mountainous evil doings that forced our hero to join his brothers in the scary life of jungle!!!!!!!!

Now I hope you know the reason that forced our hero to leave medicine and join politics. It was us you and me! He felt the pain of his fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters and decided to sacrifice everything for our freedom; of course he did sacrificed lots of things. He got no chance of enjoying his honey moons; he got no chance of refreshing his mind by playing video games, by pooling and touring. All in all he got no chance of living his teenage dream.

Fortunately his efforts were fruitful. Uniting with all other rebels of his time they had overthrown the military junta though at the cost of many lives. Then their entire dream came true. Meles with other comrades wrote an ironic history through their bloods! From that time onward every Ethiopian started to enjoy the life that they dreamt of – equal life! Then the coalition party mainly through the leadership of our hero framed our neat constitution which is mainly the brain child of him in 106 articles giving its ultimate sovereignty for us – the Nation Nationality and Peoples of Ethiopia.

In the manner stipulated in the constitution Mr. Meles received the highest authority in the country by being the prime minister. But his dejure participation in Ethiopian politics dates back to 1991the time he was the president of the transitional government. In his reign the premier reshaped the country giving everyone the chance to govern over themselves and made everyone equal before the law despite religion, gender, color….blah, blah. From that time onward he was elected as a prime minister three times in a row and has done a lot of visible things. Stating the fact precisely, since he came to power rather than the unique constitutional right that we are enjoying Ethiopia became one of the country which have the potential to join the middle income countries, our country keep its position of being the center of African Union mainly due to his diplomatic skills and above all he become the first leader to implement the saying which goes on “the son of Abbay will never quench on thirst”.

Meles had the vision of building his country as large as Rome was but, the fact is Rome was not built in a day! So he just set the beginning and left the finishing for the next generation for us! Interestingly four days after the news about the death of our hero is heard what I am witnessing is the determination of Ethiopians to accomplish what he has started let alone what the dish clothes are saying!!!!!!!!

Concluding this tiny article, I feel it is like 2×100 hurdle race where the first lead the race and give the stick for the second competitor who is expected to run fast and reach the finish line before everybody, our prime minister already lead the race and gave the stick for the second competitor –for us so what is expected from us is not to stop and show our condolence but to have it inside and run faster to win the race, Faster than ever for the speed of the world is ever increasing. We need to give eye teeth to achieve the vision of our hero. Let me conclude by borrowing Susan Rice’s (US’s Ambassador to UN) concluding statement which she made at the funeral ceremony of Meles, days after I wrote the above article on paper Although meles’s death was profound Ethiopia’s greatness is undiminished!!!!!!!
Many thanks for reading.


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